What worked for the business as a “start-up” might not provide the optimal solution for a business looking to move forward. Failure to adapt to these new challenges can damage the growth prospects for the business and store up problems for the future. The TACS Partnership can provide guidance on key areas such as:

  1. Should new business lines be set up as a division or as a separate limited company?
  2. Will I be able to use accumulated tax losses from the early years against profits made as the business changes?
  3. What are the consequences of providing equity to new investors rather than taking out simple loan finance?
  4. How do I keep my key team with me as we drive the business forward?
  5. As we explore markets outside the UK how does this impact on our tax position?
  6. We need to update and repair our machinery and premises. What tax relief can we get?
  7. We have to say goodbye to some staff and need to know what the tax issues are.
  8. Our business has built up profits for a few years. Shall I keep this in the business or take it out? What are the tax consequences of these alternatives?
  9. What are the tax consequences of building up a pension pot?

The TACS Partnership will work with the growing business to provide bespoke solutions to the issues encountered and to encourage the business to think ahead in planning how to manage their tax position. Guidance will be crafted to allow the focus to remain on the business, not allowing the tax issues to become the dominant concern.