Passing down wealth to the next generations without leaking unneccessary taxes requires careful planning. This is best done well ahead of the inevitable, avoiding if possible, literally death-bed scrambling for answers!

The TACS Partnership can assist to help our clients to deal with issues including:

  1. How do I pass family wealth down to the next generation without unnecessary tax charges?
  2. I would like to ensure wealth leaves my estate whilst I am still alive but I need to balance my own needs with those of my family. How do I do this?
  3. My family circumstances have changed and what I wanted some years ago is no longer what I want. Can I do anything?
  4. I have built up a strong business which I want to pass onto my sons and daughters. How can I do this without a large tax cost?
  5. Our parents died before they had finalised planning how they wanted to share out the wealth. Can anything be done at this stage which will help the tax position?
  6. How do we deal with HMRC now that our parents have died and questions are arising about the estate?
  7. We have issues with the tax consequences of the arrangements entered into by our parents before their death. Can you help?

The TACS Partnership can advise on strategy both during life and after death to mitigate the potential tax loss that could apply on passing down the family wealth. Working closely with lawyers where necessary, we can help develop planning which achieves the optimum tax outcome whilst respecting the wishes of the individuals concerned.