When individuals leave or arrive in the UK, a full understanding of the UK tax rules is vital to ensure that there are no financial shocks in the pipeline. There will be a mixture of bureaucratic form filling and compliance with tax rules to contend with, and careful planning and thought can help avoid unforeseen tax pitfalls.

The TACS Partnership can assist any taxpayer leaving or arriving in the UK to deal with issues such as:

  1. I am going overseas to work for 5 years, what taxes if any will I still pay in the UK?
  2. Do I need to tell the taxman that I am leaving or coming into the Country?
  3. I want to move overseas after I have sold my business and family home. What UK taxes do I need to think about?
  4. I work for an international business which requires me to spend some time in the UK. Am I going to be subject to UK tax?
  5. I have been abroad for some years but I need to come back to the UK for some time to see my elderly parents who are not in good health. What tax issues will I face?
  6. I was born outside the UK but have lived here for some years. I have both money from my family abroad and from my UK business. What UK tax rules do I need to think about?
  7. I left the UK some months ago but now find I owe HMRC some money. Can they force me to pay them and what powers do they have over me now I am not in the country?

The TACS Partnership will work alongside the taxpayer to explain and plan the impact of the UK tax rules on people moving into and out of the country. We can help avoid any unexpected tax shocks and ensure that tax bills are anticipated and managed.