Not only is there a threat to the direct finances of the people and businesses concerned, but there is the threat of disruption to commercial life. Time and energy will be spent dealing with the challenges that an HMRC investigation will inevitably produce.

The TACS Partnership can help taxpayers to deal with HMRC enquiries from the basic to the most complicated, assisting with issues including:

  1. How do I respond to a letter from HMRC saying that they are going to investigate my affairs?
  2. Do I have to meet the HMRC inspector and what will they ask me?
  3. My business is being challenged about how we have run our pay and benefits system. What tax bill could I be facing?
  4. I have a letter saying HMRC think I have committed tax fraud and that they want me to make a “disclosure”. What does that mean and where will it lead?
  5. If I go bankrupt will it make HMRC go away?
  6. I have heard that HMRC can send people to prison. Is that right?
  7. I am under an HMRC enquiry and they have said they may publish my details as a tax defaulter. How can I stop them doing that?
  8. I have used tax avoidance plans in the past which I was told were all legal. Now HMRC want to tax me on these plans. What do I do?
  9. I could be faced with a penalty charge because of what I have done. How can I keep that penalty as low as possible?

The TACS Partnership will work alongside any taxpayer faced with an enquiry, explaining how HMRC will approach the case, ensuring that the Revenue inspector plays by the rules and supporting the taxpayer through the financial and emotion turmoil such investigations can bring. As far as we can we will shoulder the burden of negotiation, aiming to get the taxpayer through the investigation and out of the other side with the least possible financial damage.